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We create unique design for each of our projects. We source 100% genuine products from top brands in India. Experience smooth service and execution by selected top carpenters in your city.

Really simple 5 Steps.

Decor Process

Free Online Design Consultation
Time : 5 days

Talk to a designer about your needs, dreams and budget

Get an instant estimate

Book by only paying 2%

You have paid 2%

Let’s start designing
Time : 8 days

Our team measures and assesses your home

Work with your designers to create something amazing and personal

Pay: 13%

Total paid 15%
View Designs in 3D / VR
Time: 8-15 days*

Watch your new home come alive in 3D or VR

Sign-off on the designs when satisfied, and pay 35%

Total paid 50%
Production begins at Site & our factory
Time : 45* days

While your home is getting built, shop for decor with our designer.

Your designs are ready to be shipped in 45 days, after 21 quality checks and steps to ensure hygiene

Pay balance 40% prior to shipping and after the carcass ready in case of on-site carpentry.

You have paid 90%
Move-In to Beautiful home
Time : 10 days

Our team will bring your home to life in 15 days

Move in and start living your dream

Peace of mind kicks in with our
10-year warranty and maintenance

You have paid 100%

The team moves for you constantly.

Project Manager

A project engineer to make sure everything on site runs smooth as silk.

Design Team

Talk to our designers online and start planning your interiors from the comfort of your home.

Sales Service Team

Coordinating between design and site, make sure everything falls under your budget.

Colors presentation
Alternative decoration
Modern room table

Beautifully designed renovations completed reliably from start to finish.

We hire carpenters who have experience more than 10 years and are working with the top interior companies in Bangalore. We thoroughly vet them via our strict quality control process.

Top Quality

We source only selected top branded products in India. 100% quality with 5 yrs warranty.

Unique Design

You are unique as your house. We create unique design for each of our projects.

Stylish renovations for any budget


Connecting all functional products to the internet to make your life easy.


Experience of over 500+ customer satisfaction creating unique and happy spaces.

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Functional Design

Creating spaces that enhance the human experience

Artful, beautiful homes that define your lifestyle; bring comfort through the look and feel. Space and form designed to serve a purpose; bring order, usability and easy maintenance.

  • All our products come with a 5-year warranty.

  • Get your chosen products installed in 45 days.

  • We only used recognized branded products.

  • Recognized and launched at IIM Bangalore.

Modern armchair
New table products
red armchair

Frequently asked questions

Will Yes Care Homes design one room?2020-07-29T09:19:16+00:00

Yes, we will love to bring about change be it for just one room or your entire home, get it touch with us and we would love to help your design and build your entire home.

How does it work?2020-07-29T09:18:19+00:00

The entire process is designed around giving you a custom home in your budget, we take care of every part of your home interiors while you kick back and relax. The process starts when you meet our awesome design team ( by booking a design consultation ).

What does Yes care Homes Do?2020-07-29T09:22:32+00:00

Yes Care Homes is a full-service professional interior design & build firm, led by Engineers and focused on providing Designer homes, that are personalised to Client’s requirements, ideas and dreams at value for money prices. We aim to bring premium design and quality to the average home buyer.

We source only branded products.

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